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A+ PAINTERS utilizes all different types of industrial finishes and abrasive materials for the toughest cleaning jobs. These come into play for municipalities and commercial owners when finishing surfaces such as light poles, fire hydrants, decorative works (wagon trains, fountains, planters etc.), pools, metal doors and others.


Depending on the job at hand we utilize different types of blasting media, zinc primers, epoxies and industrial coatings as necessary to create the highest quality finishes.


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Commercial warehouse before.jpeg


Commercial warehouse after.jpeg



There are three aspects to a complete and unwavering guarantee to a completed job.  One, the warranty on the products utilized to complete the job.  Two, the reliability of the paint professionals that the job will be completed in a timely fashion and, three; that the completed job will be of the highest quality.  


A+ Painters will work to complete your job to the exact specifications of the materials manufacturer in order to insure the complete WARRANTY of the supplier.  By following the paint and materials use instructions A+ Painters allows for the maximum durability warranty allowable.


A+ Painters will quote the materials and time for your job to allow completion of a quality job in a timely fashion and to your complete satisfaction.  You can trust that we will RELIABLY deliver your job in budget and on time.


All A+ Painters work is guaranteed to meet the highest QUALITY metrics established by the industry and is in line with the requirements of the client.


A+ Painters is 100% insurance and bonded.


For a warranty that insures durability, reliability you can trust and the highest quality contact A+ Painters!!

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A plus Painters


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Serving the Greater Chicago area! 

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